StageMaster Components

The neck is made from over one-hundred-year-old White Pine (one-piece) with a single action truss rod.  The fret position markers, side markers and skunk stripe are made from Purple Heart.  The nut is made from unbleached bone.  The tuning machines are Gotoh Vintage top loading style.

The body is made from over one-hundred-year-old White Pine (two-piece) slab from the same tree as the neck.  Electronic cavities are shielded with copper.


Electronics are of high quality.  The pickup set is Vintage Telecaster Golden Age.  The bridge is a Wilkinson with adjustable compensated brass saddles.  The chrome control panel plate has two CTS 250K potentiometers, 0.047uF and 0.001uF Orange Drop Capacitors, a CRL 3-way lever switch and a Switchcraft output jack.  Wiring is non-shielded 22 AWG cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire.