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What makes the Lumbertown Stagemaster unique?


If you’ve played a vintage guitar from the 1950’s that had been well played you know how it feels as it vibrates through your hands and body.  This is unlike modern commercial guitars.

The reasons for this are two-fold.


First, as a guitar ages, the natural resin in the wood starts to crystallize leaving pores open to string vibrations.  Second, and more mysteriously, as any wooden musical instrument vibrates from play, the molecules within the aged wood respond to those vibrations.  Factory guitars are made from green wood that has been kiln-dried.  Only the moisture content is reduced…the pitch, sap and natural resins in the wood are still retained…thereby inhibiting the guitar from vibrating to it’s full potential. Also, green wood is heavier, more unstable and more potential for warping.

The Stagemaster is made from air-dried wood over one-hundred years old.  They are sonically superior and very stable.  You can feel the guitar vibrate in your hands and body and you hear the difference in your ears.

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