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The Stagemaster guitar is built from centuries old White Pine harvested from the great virgin forests populating Michigan in the 1800’s.


These great trees began their gowth as saplings in the late 1600’s to early 1700’s.  In the mid 1800's they were logged and floated down the Muskegon River into Muskegon Lake. There, they were cut and milled by one of the many sawmills populating the shoreline of Muskegon Lake.

Muskegon had become known as Lumbertown, USA.  Most of this timber was shipped through out the Great Lakes to build a young and growing America.



The wood used for Stagemaster guitars comes from structural beams used in the 1880's to erect a Lakeside factory.  The building was last known as the Norge Building before demolition.

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